Barefoot Bowls on the rise

It appears that many struggling clubs have taken on “barefoot” bowls to keep them ticking over … some say that without “barefoot” bowls they wouldn’t be around. It appears that the “barefoot” bowls is bringing a much younger set of folk to the clubs … how do we transition them into bowls members to grow...
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Coloured Lawn Bowls

Hard to find a black bowl on the greens nowadays …. One of the manufacturers has come out with three coloured layer bowls … where will it end? Are you in favour of coloured bowls? What colours interest you the most and what ideas do you have for any more colours (if there is any)....
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Illegal Chinese Lawn Bowls

Have you heard about the “illegal” bowls quoted in a memo from World Bowls which was sent to member nations around the world? Who cares if they do not bear the stamp of World Bowls if they are to be used for social bowls and barefoot bowls. What other sport controls sporting equipment like World Bowls …...
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