Velocity Lawn Bowls

cat3Velocity Lawn Bowls commenced business back in 2012 with the first prototype lawn bowl being manufactured in 2013.

It has taken 3 years to produce a design and line for the Velocity Lawn Bowl suitable for both Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere lawn bowls greens.

The Velocity Lawn Bowl comes in unique colours not seen before in the world.

The Velocity Lawn Bowl comes with a laser cut logo design … now for the first time in lawn bowls history a logo with intricate design is now possible.

At our manufacturing plant we have built a test table which every set of Velocity Lawn Bowls is sent down … not once BUT each bowl is tested a minimum of 3 times to ensure each bowl is matching in trajectory and finish.

The Velocity Lawn Bowls do not carry the World Bowls Stamp … unfortunately World Bowls will not allow our lawn bowl to be tested on any of the independent test tables. Why is still a mystery.